“Lingua et Veritas” will be my very subjective, biased and personal opinion on those two things; words and the truth of things as I see it.

The posts will be sporadic and likely in direct proportionality with the lengths of my shifts at work. Don’t know me? You hopefully will once I get enough posts on here and to get started here’s a quick run down on the superficial aspects of my life.

I’m in my early twenties and studying toward two degrees; an LLB and a BA in English and Linguistics. I live in New Zealand but I was born on Norfolk Island. My favourite colour is blue with particular affection for azurean shades. I always fail to name a specific food I’m most fond of but I love to cook. I am, however, quite averse to washing the dishes.

I love words. Rare words. Words from another time with other, more romantic forms of expression than standard typeface hidden on the information highway. Words that roll off the tongue and smack your audience in the face. Words that confuse, bedazzle and explode. Words that even Google doesn’t know. This will make up the “Lingua” section of this blog.

The “Veritas” section of this blog will consist of random musings, particular insights and possibly rants on aspects of my life. It will be an outlet that will not be filtered. It will not be censored. It might not actually be true.

The introductory course is now over.



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