Archive | November 2012


Anger comes with realisation.

It’s not about forgetting, denying, acting like there’s nothing wrong. Anger is such an overt emotion that it requires a response, it thrives on recognition. The angry man who’s ignored will just skulk his way into a pit of sorrow but challenge him and he flares up, wild. Angry.

You have to be careful with anger, everyone can see it and so it easily fixates on the wrong target. I’m angry at no one but myself but you wouldn’t believe it if you spoke to those around me.

To them I’m angry at the world, at the process, at them.

But I don’t mean it.

I’m just angry because I’m still sad. And I’m sick of being sad. But I don’t know how to stop. So instead I’m just angry.

Angry at my own emotions, because they won’t stop when I tell them to.

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